i n v e n t e d    r e a  l i t y



…Jovicevic is one to watch: a gifted writer and arranger and a blossoming player. For the musically adventurous.


The  Star Magazine - A.I.  (Toronto)


….  Four of the pieces, Suite “The Journey,” are for a string quartet along with Jovicevic’s saxophones, wooden flute or voice.  When the strings play alone the emphasis is in no way jazz and are obviously Western European classically influenced with their contribution being one of modal harmonies and, at times, folk-inspired sounds.  When Jovicevic joins them on saxophone at the end of the first movement, we hear a unique blending of her signature swirling sounds and the beautiful way it mixes with the string soundscape she has created.

… avant-garde nature of the last movement is a fitting and well planned ending to a serious composition that deserves to be seriously considered for addition into the world’s string quartet repertoire.

…. with her ensemble creates lovely and moving musical artwork.

….  Her ensemble is locked in tight with her during her travels, and the result is one of friends playing introspective, and at times melancholy, music that leaves the listener wanting more.  She truly deserves to be heard in a wider context.


JazzReview-Thomas Erdman


i n v e n t e d    r e a  l i t y


… Their south eastern European jazz folk should be heard by more people!


FolkWorld CD Review- Christian Moll



…Invented Reality by Serbian saxophonist, Jasna Jovicevic, is a recording that successfully blends seemingly disparate musical styles, while maintaining a focus on jazz and the art of improvisation.


The melodies and themes used for the Suite are haunting, but nevertheless, make a strong impression on the listener as they weave an emotional story using various colors and timbres provided by Jovicevic’s writing, as well as the musicians’ delicate, interpretive performance.


Jasna Jovicevic’s, Invented Reality, is undeniably an intriguing blend of multi-cultural styles and influences, with each style coming through clearly in the written music, as well as the performances.  Jovicevic’s writing catches the listener’s attention on this CD, and her playing keeps it there.


Frank Bongiorno

Saxophone Journal


Jovicevic has poured the culmination of her search for meaning together with her cultural roots and traditional Serbian songs into what can best be described as a contemporary jazz offering. But like Jovicevic, her new CD evades a clear definition. There are several different arrangements and styles which cross over the various categories within the genre….

… Jasna Jovicevic desires simplicity – music, love, freedom and choice….


Sandra McLean

YorkU Magazine (Toronto)


i n v e n t e d    r e a  l i t y



….In effect, she melds a sometimes-translucent demarcation between ethnocentric modal concepts with contemporary and modern jazz.

…. She  bridges the gap between ultra-modern jazz-chamber, namely on “The Journey.” Then on “St. Mark’s Place,” Jovicevic picks up the soprano sax to execute a spiraling motif, spiced with jazz and East European harmonic overtures atop pianist Robi Botos’ pulsating block chords and fluid runs.

… as the saxophonist communicates a novel set of musical ideas and is certainly one to watch.


ejazznews– Glenn Astarita